Retreat House


Ever since the retreat house was reopened on November 24, 2002, the Korean and American Catholic communities have actively used the facility. It provides a retreat for individuals and groups seeking religious education as well as a center for church group meetings.

This venue offers many features such as a peaceful environment, fresh air, tidy rooms, and a full-sized cafeteria, with chefs providing delicious, healthy gourmet food. There is a beautiful, well-kept garden, a nature walk in the forest and a small, inviting church. The retreat center is well-kept and maintained by Benedictine monks who remain isolated from modern society. These monks are available for prayer sessions and deep, spiritual conversations during retreats.

The retreat house consists of 27 double rooms (each for two) and one room for a leader or a guest, including private baths. The center can accommodate up to 55 people.

For further information, please contact
Br. Marinus Kim, Director of Retreat House
Tel. 973-383-2470, ext. 199  Cell. 973-362-8273
e-mail :
Office Hours: Monday ~ Friday, 9:00am ~ 5:00pm (Eastern Time)


Last update: May 8, 2016